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Approvals & Standards

  • IEC 60269-6
  • UL Recognition pending

Key features & benefits

The HelioProtection® fuse DC120-123 series are designed for the protection of cables in a PV groups of chains when a short circuit occurs in a panel. These HelioProtection® fuse comply with the IEC 60269-1 standard and the IEC 60269-6 standard with specific mechanical dimensions. They are of the gPV type.

More specifications


  • Battery charge controllers
  • Inverter DC input protection
  • Re-combiner (sub-combiner, array combiner, master combiner) applications
  • All photovoltaic applications

Product Specifications

Item Number


Catalog number


Item Description (ERP)

1100VDC T122 gPV 315A  


Square body fuse-links gPV size 122 1100VDC 1 315A  

EAN/UPC code


Rated voltage DC IEC

1100   V

Rated current

315   A



Fuse size




Clearing I2t At Rated Voltage

153000   A²s

Melting I2t

27200   A²s

Power Dissipation at Rated Current Value

67   W

Power Dissipation at Intermediate Current Value

26.8 W @ 0.7 In   W

Contact materials

Silver-Plated Copper  

Connection/Terminal Type

Open Slot Blades  

Product Weight

1.3   kg

Product Width

59   mm

Product Length

206.4   mm

Product Height

64   mm

Sell Pack Quantity

1   EACH

Sell Pack Weight

1.3   kg

Sell Pack Width

130   mm

Sell Pack Length

265   mm

Sell Pack Height

95   mm