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IEC Surge Protective Devices

Type 1 IEC Lightning Current Arresters -STM T1 50

STM T1 50 is the most robust series of single pole Type 1 / Class I lightning current arresters, able to discharge energy (current) from a direct lighning strike (10/350 µs) on an external lightning protection system (LPS) or overehead supplies, in accordance with EN/IEC 61643. Suitable as the first step of protection in incoming power supply panels and areas with high exposure to lightning strikes, fitted with an external lightning protection system.


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LED Lighting Protection - STLB-STLH

STLB is the new series of LED SPDs for IEC and UL markets. Universal solutions that suit all networks (TN, IT, TT) and luminary insulation-classes (I & II). Available with multiple connector options and IP66.


STLH is the new series of LED SPDs for special outsoor lighting applications such as sport arenas and stadiums as well as parks and recreation fields, where protection requirements reach 20kV robustness and 480V.


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STP T2 40 PV is the series of devices that provide advanced overvoltage protection to photovoltaic systems by utilizing Mersen's optimized dynamic thermal disconnection system, which does not require additional overcurrent protection (back-up fuse) due to its high short-circuit withstand rating. These surge protective devices are suitable for all PV applications: large scale (solar farms), rooftop and self-consumption (off-grid) DC installations.


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