First test in real conditions for GreenEye HelioProtection® safety system

GreenEye Smart PV Switch

Our new solution GreenEye for the safety of photovoltaic  has been installed for the first test in real conditions. This test is made in cooperation with HUBER + SUHNER, SI Module and MBR Solar. The test is being led in Wängi in Switzerland on the roof of MBR Solar a leading PV system integrator. The system installed is made of 2 strings of 10 solar modules. The nominal output of the system is 5.4kWp.


In his Saint Bonnet de Mure facility Mersen has implemented a ground-mounted solar array mainly to be able to conduct tests of PV equipment in real operating conditions. In this PV Test Lab are performed characterization in short-circuit conditions of protection equipment, tests of monitoring systems and inverters, research on ground defaults, defaults between PV panels, between string of PV panels and their consequences on equipment.

This solar array is made of 144 PV panels, 240 Wc each,  with two possibilities of arrangement: 12 strings in parallel of 12 panels in series (400VDC) or 6 strings in parallel of 24 panels in series (800VDC).


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