Mersen is fully 1500VDC Ready

First Comprehensive Portfolio of 1500VDC PV Components

Mersen 1500VDC PV Switch

Mersen Surge-Trap 1500VDC SPD

Mersen HelioProtection 1500VDC Direct Mounting NH gPV Fuse

Mersen will introduce during Intersolar Europe in Munich (10-12 June 2015) their First Comprehensive Portfolio of 1500VDC PV Components.

In large solar farm application (utility-scale) when moving from 1000VDC up to 1500VDC systems the total cost for combiner boxes could be reduce by up to 30%. Now the trend goes to install 1500VDC systems.

In terms of circuit protection Mersen has it all for 1500VDC components inside the combiner box:

·         Mersen offers global Surge Protective Devices 1500VDC-rated covering both IEC and UL. They are UL Recognized.

·         Mersen has also 1500VDC-rated PV Switch for safe operation, maintenance and inspection on site.

·         Mersen leads in gPV-class fuses. When it comes to 1500VDC Mersen exhibits the new NH fuse for direct mounting on bars via bolts.

Mersen is fully 1500VDC Ready to meet the requirements raised by the new trend for higher voltage.

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