Mersen launches new compact CCR fuse holders

CCR81 fuse holder 1 phase for 8x32mm fuse - CCR101N fuse holder 1 phase + neutral for 10x38mm fuse




As world number 1 independant player in industrial fuses, Mersen offers a comprehensive line of fuse holders for cylindrical low voltage fuses. Modulostar® is well recognized in the marketplace like fuse holders for cylindrical fuses from 8x32mm up to 27x60mm fuses.

CCR stands a specific position in this line. They are dedicated to 8x32mm and 10x38mm fuses. Their key feature is the compactness and small footprint. They can be used by authorized persons as per the IEC 60269-2 and unskilled persons as per IEC 60269-3. They comply also with the IEC 947-3 standard. They are 500VAC rated for CCR10 models and 400VAC for CCR8 models.

Emmanuelle Delcambre, Product Manager at Mersen, states: "Our CCR are used when small footprint is key. Street lighting in power distribution is a typical application market but we serve also power control panels in industry."

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