Mersen launches new SPDs for outdoor LED lighting systems

Comprehensive portfolio of surge and temporary overvoltage protection

Mersen Electrical Power is pleased to announce the launch of a complete line of surge protection devices for outdoor LED lighting installations.  Surge-Trap® LED is part of the commitment to supporting product development and expansion of the LED lighting industry.

The comprehensive portfolio of overvoltage protection solutions includes SPDs for assembly in LED street light luminaires (STLB series), SPDs for DIN-rail assembly in street light fuse-boxes (STM SLIM series), and special solutions for street light panels, which provide protection against both transient and temporary overvoltages (SPD+POP series). Mersen does also have a high-end solution (STLH series) for floodlight systems used in professional sport stadiums, parks and recreation fields, etc.

“Mersen has further developed its existing STL line of LED SPDs with the introduction of the new STLB series, adding features and peace-of-mind arguments for lighting manufacturers that need universal solutions and versatility. Our expertise does moreover show that a properly designed overvoltage protection system must have a first protection step in the lighting panel, for which we propose a combined device that protects the downstream lines of luminaires not only from transient peaks but also from temporary overvoltages”, states the Surge Protection IEC Product Manager, Gonzalo Fincheira.

All Surge-Trap® LED solutions provide peace of mind to LED luminaire manufacturers. Mersen’s universal and certified SPDs can be safely used in any luminaire and any installation, no matter where or how it is installed: TT/TN/IT networks and insulation classes I&II, series or parallel wiring, up to 480V. Both the 10kV and 20kV SPDs are compact solutions featuring a versatile assembly and a wide range of connection terminals. IP66 models are also available.
Mersen will have this Surge-Trap® LED solutions on display at Hannover Messe 2015 (April 13-17, Germany), Lumiville (June 2-4, Lyon, France) and most of the upcoming tradeshows where Mersen is to take place worldwide.

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