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  • Wiring Bus Bars
  • Bus Bars for USGM1HEL

    Mersen wiring bus bars for USG fuse-holders series are designed for safe and efficient termination of Mersen LV fuse-holders. They are intended for use with UltraSafe Class CC (USGCC) and Midget (USGM) fuseholders including for photovoltaic application series USGM1HEL1 and USGM1IHEL. The wiring bus bar system delivers safe and reliable combination of circuits in a compact design. Compared to wire solutions it reduces installation time, offers space savings and delivers touch safe, shock resistant solutions to panel builders and designers. 1-phase design available. Read more

  • Bus Bars for D0 Fuse-Holders and Switchgear

    Fork Design Wiring bars in fork design are ideal for the wiring of modular panel-mounting devices as per DIN 43880 with flat-type, dual-function or single-screw terminals. Additional incoming terminals are required when wiring devices with flat-type or single-screw terminals. In contrast, devices with dual-function terminals allow bar connection to the top section of the terminal with simultaneous incoming supply in the bottom section. The use of end caps on multi-pole wiring bars guarantees optimum shock-hazard protection and prevents arcing at bar ends. Pin Design Wiring bars in pin design are ideal for the wiring of modular panel-mounting devices to DIN 43880 with box terminal, frame terminal or two-scre clamp. The incoming supply to the wiring-bar system is provided over additional incoming terminals. Read more

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