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Approvals & Standards

  • VDE 0636 Part 201
  • IEC 60269-1 and -2

Key features & benefits

The NH system is classified among plug-in fuse systems and is composed of:

  • fuse-base, (possibly including terminal covers and phase barriers)
  • fuse-link with blade contact
  • fuse-link replacement device (LV HRC fuse puller)
Since the design of this system cannot guarantee non-interchangeability of rated current, it must be handled by a qualified professional.

NH-fuse links „gTr“ are used for the protection of transformers. The time/current characteristic is especially adapted to that of the protected transformer and implies optimal selectivity to NH-fuse links characteristic gG. The fuses can be loaded with 1,3 times nominal current for up to 10 hours. The fuse link operates at 1,5 times nominal transformer current within 2 hours.

Plus de caractéristiques


  • Protection of transformers

Product Specifications

Numéro d'article


Numéro de catalogue


Short Description

NH fuse-link gTr, 400VAC, size 2, 200KVA, centre indicator/insulated tags  

Code EAN / UPC


Tension nominale AC CEI

400   V

Courant assigné

200   A

Conforme à ROHS


Taille du fusible






Power Dissipation at Rated Current Value

16   W

Système d'indication


Type de système d'indication

Double Indicator Visual Indicator  

Connexion / Matériel terminal

Silver-Plated Copper  

Matériau isolant / corps


Poids du produit

0.5   kg

Largeur du produit

53.1   mm

Longueur du produit

150.1   mm

Hauteur du produit

73.9   mm

Quantité du pack de vente

1   EACH

Largeur du pack de vente

160   mm

Longueur du pack de vente

160   mm

Hauteur du pack de vente

80   mm

Type de produit

IEC NH Fuse-Links