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Approvals & Standards

  • DIN VDE 0636-3

Key features & benefits

The D0 fuse-system is installed in motor circuit protection, where fuse-links are accessible to non trained persons and can also be replaced by them.
The system is the most modern of the screw systems and designed for 400VAC/440VAC networks.

Type “aM” fuse-links are partial-range breaking capacity fuse-links, used to protect motor circuits as they are strongly current-limiting and have low power losses.
They limit and cut off short circuit currents from 6.3 times In up to their nominal breaking capacity.

Plus de caractéristiques


  • Motor circuit protection

Product Specifications


20 ... 35 A  



Conformité CE


Conforme à REACH


Les références de cette gamme  (3)

Item number - Catalog No.

Ampere rating

Fuse size

Total Clearing I2t

Indication system

Product weight

F212640 - D02AM44V25

25   A




0.0132   kg

H211607 - D02AM44V20

20   A




0.0132   kg

J213655 - D02AM44V35

35   A




0.0132   kg