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Introducing Bus Bar Calculator, Mersen's Latest Online Tool

18-05-2022  -  News releases
Bus Bar Calculator Product Block

Global Electrical Power and Advanced Materials leader Mersen is pleased to announce the availability of Bus Bar Calculator, a free-access web-solution to precisely compute the key electrical specifications of laminated bus bars in the context of power converter design. Bus Bar Calculator provides all the values to help designers make bus bars in a wide variety of converters.


Bus Bar Calculator is based on GT-PowerForge™, a multi-physics solver developed by Gamma Technologies, handling electrical, thermal, and magnetic physics to cover the complexity of a power converter design. Bus Bar Calculator is based on a frequential Modified Nodal Analysis (MNA) resolution that provides accurate simulation results within seconds.

Features include:

  • Wide variety of converter topologies
  • AC & DC voltage in every node
  • RMS current passing through every branch
  • Fourier transform and distribution of harmonics
  • Partial discharge test conditions
  • Simulations as a function of electrical standards of selected applications 
  • Fully compliant with SiC and GaN technologies
  • Fast iterations


For more information about Mersen’s Bus Bar Calculator, please visit the Bus Bar Calculator landing page