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New Training Module, "PV Fuses in Solar Applications," now available on Mersen Knowledge Center

Learn about the main components of a typical photovoltaic installation, understand the different segmentations of solar market, and identify Mersen fuses and fuses holders designed for use in photovoltaic installations.

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We are continuing to add content over the next several months, so please check back for updates. Click here if you have any questions or comments.

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Complete Family of Surge Protective Devices

Surge Protection, Lightning Protection, and Power Monitoring

Global Line of Fuses, Fusegear, and Fuse Systems

Global fuses and fusegear to meet local standards

The right fuse for your application

PV-Battery Connected - Now up to 1500VDC

Mersen offers a full range of DC protection for PV generation connected to Electrical Energy Storage, including 1500VDC gPV string and DC high-speed fuses

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Get Your PrimePACK™ Water Cooling Optimized

IsoMAXX offers unsurpassed cooling performance for latest PrimePACK generation, including perfect thermal homogeneity module-to-module and chip-to-chip in a very compact design

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Xp Series: The Ultimate DC Protection for Electric Vehicles

Discover Mersen hybrid pyro-fuse, now up to 1000VDC, ultra-low resistance, self-triggered and excellent cycling performance

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Case Studies showcase the exciting ways that Mersen has solved customers' problems with a variety of product and technology approaches. Check out Mersen’s library of Case Studies. You may see an answer that may help you!
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