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10-09-2020  -  New products

NEWBURYPORT, MA USA (April 2020) – Mersen is pleased to introduce its high performance IsoMAXX Vacuum Brazed Cold Plates. This patented design is the optimum cooling solution for latest generation PrimePACK™ IGBTs. IsoMAXX represents a super compact cooling solution providing unsurpassed cooling performance with a high degree of thermal homogeneity on chip-to-chip and module-to-module configurations.

As market needs for more efficient electrical power conversion designs grow, so do the technological advancements from power electronic module manufacturers. The new generation of PrimePACK IGBT modules now boast an increased power dissipation compared to previous generations. Inverter manufacturers are also looking to minimize the footprint in their design by condensing power conversion designs and running IGBTs at higher switching frequencies. This increased level of optimization in power conversion designs raises a new set of challenges for effective cooling of power modules. Traditional heat sink designs cannot meet these stringent cooling requirements.

Mersen’s patented IsoMAXX Vacuum Brazed Cold Plates were designed by Mersen engineers to provide an efficient cooling pattern, along with a compact design, thereby addressing and responding to the newest PrimePACK IGBT modules need for increased power dissipation and overall reduced inverter footprint.


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