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04-03-2024  -  News releases

Mersen, the leading international company in electrical protection, today introduces at Light + Building 2024, ProGrid, its new innovative modular fuse switch disconnector, a new range of solutions to meet energy transition needs.

Mersen ProGrid NH fuse-switch-disconnectors meet all the requirements of grid operators and industry for power distribution in grid and transformer stations, cable distribution cabinets, and low-voltage distribution boards.

Mersen ProGrid solutions are a new generation of electrical protection devices designed to protect, monitor, detect and report events on the low-voltage grid. They are based on the NH fuse switch-disconnector and provide digitalization of the grid infrastructure.

Mersen ProGrid offers are flexible and modular solutions with 3 product offers: 
•    Mersen ProGrid, the stand-alone Fuse Switch Disconnector to protect the substation from overcurrent and interrupt the electrical circuit’s flow ; 
•    Mersen ProGrid Smart, the smart solution to monitor energy flow, that can be retrofitted from Standard to Smart, even on old installation ; 
•    Mersen ProGrid SmartStation, the complete, intelligent solution to monitor, in addition, the entire environment (transformer temperature, humidity…) to provide full digitization of substations and distribution cabinets and ensure total control of the network.

ProGrid is an ideal solution to ensure the availability of the low voltage electrical network by protecting against overcurrent, while also offering an intelligent system to digitize the network.


ProGrid is designed to maximize user protection against electrical contact

Thanks to the Mersen patented combined switching mechanism moving parallel and then rotating, the ProGrid NH Fuse Switch Disconnector is designed to maximize user protection against electrical contact.

With this unique movement, the NH fuse blades are first released from the fuse contacts on both sides in parallel translation for better arc breaking performance. The full motion is safer than other solutions as it ensures IP20 contact protection for the user during the full opening of the fuse operating covers. Parking positions for maintenance and padlocking facilities in the open, closed and parking positions make this fuse switch disconnector the safest on the market.

ProGrid is easy to install, use, handle and replace fuses

Mersen's patented mechanism is incredibly practical! It not only offers easier and faster installation but also makes maintenance a breeze. Thanks to the Fuse Switch Disconnector’s rotational movement, installers can effortlessly access the fuse.

Mersen ProGrid has been designed for easy and quick installation by direct and safe fixing to live busbars using appropriate tools. In addition, Mersen ProGrid offers the possibility of mounting the device on unscrewed busbars using hook clamps, even with current transformers. For full traceability, the devices are supplied with a QR code. This allows the installer to access all the technical information and installation instructions.

ProGrid is a versatile solution, compatible with intelligent systems
Mersen ProGrid comes in two smart versions designed to meet the needs of power grid digitization.

1.    The Mersen ProGrid Smart: a smart NH Fuse Disconnector with a flexible design to monitor the energy in any installation

This is the smart-ready version of the NH Fuse Switch Disconnector that can be upgraded from stand-alone to Smart. It allows the monitoring of energy flows and includes fuse, and temperature measurement for increased safety, power monitoring, and easier maintenance.

The ProGrid Smart solution is equipped for smart functionality by installing a Modbus RTU smart module, which can be installed top-mounted for easy integration into new panels and substations or bottom-mounted for easy retrofitting of existing panels.

The Mersen ProGrid Smart fuse-switch-disconnector with bottom module has a very compact design, making it the most compact smart solution available. It has the same footprint as a regular NH fuse-switch-disconnector, which makes it perfect for retrofitting existing switchgear panels. It also enables fault location tests in the output cables, as the module is easy to insert and remove for these maintenance operations.

Mersen's ProGrid Smart version provides a straightforward solution for upgrading a stand-alone fuse-gear to a smart fuse-gear. The integrated sensors offer direct access to live energy and condition data, and their wiring has no contact with the busbar system.

2.    The Mersen ProGrid SmartStation: a modular solution to digitize the transformer station ensuring total control of the network.

The ProGrid fuse-switch-disconnector is a versatile solution that can be upgraded to the full ProGrid SmartStation solution, tailored to the power grid digitization needs. This solution allows the combination of the new ProGrid Smart fuse-switch-disconnector with additional modular measuring devices and sensors to create a complete intelligent monitoring system for the medium/low voltage transformer substation. 
The ProGrid SmartStation includes comprehensive sensors that monitor not only the energy flow of the station's low-voltage outputs, but also the complete status of the installation in the field, including environmental values, external station access and transformer status. All the devices are connected to the supervision level thanks to Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP/IP communication for open and standard communication protocols. The distribution system operator can access all the data measured by the sensors via a direct web page access to each of the SmartStation devices as a light grid control system, thus identifying the need for preventive or curative maintenance.

During the development of the ProGrid offer, Mersen has worked closely with leading grid operators in Germany and other European countries to support them with their day-to-day challenges. As a result, ProGrid SmartStation is ideally suited to enable smart low-voltage grid operators to efficiently adapt their distribution networks, gain flexibility and efficiently balance new and increasing loads and power sources such as PV panels, EV charging stations and heat pumps.