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Mersen will be exhibiting during The Battery Show Digital Days, being held November 10-12, 2020.

10-11-2020  -  Events

Mersen’s focus to design and develop components critical to the safety and reliability in Electric/Hybrid Electric Vehicles (EV/HEV) and Electrical Energy Storage (EES) markets has led to the introduction of several new products including:

  • INFINI-CELL technology is a dual polarity customizable lightweight bus bar, made of a single conductive layer laminated with insulating materials on both sides.  INFINI-CELL technology provides simultaneous connectivity to both positive and negative poles of battery cells from only one side. It employs a fast, efficient, and reliable laser welding process to connect smart bus bars to battery cells.
  • Ultra-thin cold plate: Mersen has designed an ultra-thin vacuum brazed water-cooled cold plate of only 7mm thick that provides excellent homogeneous cooling surface for battery installations.
  • Mersen’s MEV fuse family is built to cover a larger range of current and voltage levels that are typical to batteries on board an electric vehicle. These fuses have improved cycling performance compared to standard fuses to adapt to specific needs such as driving acceleration and fast charging.
  • Mersen’s Pyro fuses were designed to operate faster than a thermal fuse. Pyro-fuse technology is based upon a pyro-element that breaks a conductive copper bar with a small explosive charge.  This technology provides state-of-the-art cut-off speed and current-independent on characteristics.

Mersen will have a team of technical experts available throughout the exhibition days to connect with and discuss your application challenges and share solution capabilities.

For more information about the conference and exhibition, visit For more information about Mersen’s broad and comprehensive line of overcurrent protection for EV and batteries, visit





Global expert in electrical power and advanced materials, Mersen designs innovative solutions to address its clients' specific needs to enable them to optimize their manufacturing process in sectors such as energy, transportation, electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical and process industries. Mersen Electrical Power provides a comprehensive line of UL/CSA low voltage fuses and fusegear, IEC low voltage fuses and fusegear, high speed fuses, configured panels, DC protection for EV and battery, bus bars, surge protection, high and medium voltage fuses and bases, power transfer for rail vehicles, low voltage switches, low voltage special purpose fuses, custom products and solutions, and more. For more information, go to




Karen Schmuch

Sr. Marketing Communications Manager, North America | (978) 465-4919