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Bus Bar for Infrastructure

Mersen laminated bus bars offer uncompromising electrical performance while minimizing EMI, RFI and crosstalk. As data volume and broadband use continue to expand, performance demands increase for high-speed servers, blade servers, network backbone equipment, engineering work stations, and such data storage systems as disk arrays.

The low-profile of a laminated bus bar provides computer equipment manufacturers with the ultimate package efficiency, ease of service, and consistent quality necessary to satisfy the most demanding customers. A properly engineered power distribution plan, including laminated bus bars, can also include thermal management, acting as a heat sink, and the bus bar’s form fitting designs help increase the air flow within a system where space is at a premium.

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Two bus bar examples for DC power connections between circuit boards. These assemblies use an edge sealed construction and employ a special insulating washer that allows compression of the two conductors onto the board while insulating the fastener from the live conductor.


Size: 0.5” x 2” | Thickness: .030” & .060” | Voltage: 48V | Current: 35A


Information Storage Systems

A complete set of epoxy powder coated, color coded bus bars (for differing voltages) are stamped, brazed, machined and with hardware installed to provide power interconnects directly from the power supply in a rugged package.


Size: 1.2” x 19” | Voltage: 48VDC | Current: 300A


Supercomputer Bus bar

Modem supercomputer systems operate at extremely low voltages, and require a high concentration of current. This two-conductor bus bar assembly is constructed from machined, stamped, and soldered components that are insulated with a high quality epoxy powder coating, then laminated together to provide a low inductance power path distributed across a large circuit board or backplane.


Size: 2” x 19” | Voltage: 3VDC | Conductors: .060” & .5” | Current: 450A


Power Backplane

Distributing power to eight blades in a large server is easily accomplished with this two conductor laminated bus bar complete with blind mate power connectors. Short cable assemblies are built into the bus bar for system monitoring.


Size: 16” x 28” | Voltage: 48VDC | Current: 240A | Conductors: .060”


High End Server

An excellent combination of value! This multi-layer, laminated bus bar incorporates several different connectors for both power and signal, and through careful engineering, a wire harness is used for signal distribution. MERSEN can engineer fully tested and serialized solutions to solve your power distribution challenge.


Size: 5” x 9” x 17” | Voltage: 48V | Conductors: .060” | Current: 400A


Computer Backplane Power Distribution

Epoxy powder coating allows multiple conductors, formed to differing geometries, to be assembled into a single unit. Insulated and bonded together, this assembly carries power to the backplane without adding costly and complex layers to the backplane.


Length: 14” | Thickness: .060” | Voltage: 3VDC & 5VDC | Current: 100A


Computer Backplane

Redundant power supplies plug into this laminated bus bar design, and feed high current power into the computer backplane. Note the five glass (FR-4) mounting supports, which are bonded to the structure, to create a rigid, insulated mounting system.


Size: 12” x 9” | Thickness: .125” per layer | Voltage: 48V | Current: 250A per layer


Power Distribution for Optical Systems

Power distribution bus bar used in Optical Network System. This efficient and compact bus bar is designed to proved 48V power onto a backplane from its power supply, through circuit protection, common and differential mode inductors, film capacitors and resistors, all without the need for a separate PCB for the soldered connections of the resistors and capacitors.


Size: 5” x 18” | Voltage: 48VDC | Current: 75A | Conductors: .050”


Cellular Base Station Power Distribution

An economical design that carries power from multiple power supplies onto the backplane within a Base Station Cabinet. Individually laminated and assembled together reducing a complex wiring scheme to a simple component, saving both space and assembly time.


Size: 7” x 7” x 19” | Voltage: 48VDC | Conductors: .060” | Current: 125


Router Backplane Distribution

Two-conductor laminated bus bars designed to distribute DC power from dual power supplies across the backplane of an internet router. The insulation system uses a molded-edge seal around the perimeter as a cost effective means of providing the proper creepage distance between the two conductors while protecting the individual conductors from dust and contaminants. Due to the low voltage of the system, MERSEN engineers assured that the design has sufficient cross sectional area for a minimal voltage drop.


Size: 12” x 18” | Voltage: 48VDC | Conductors: .090” | Current: 250A


Internet Router

This two-conductor bus bar distributes DC power within an internet router. The laminated structure utilizes tabs with offset forms and clinch hardware to mount directly onto the midplane, while allowing for proper airflow. High current pluggable connectors are mounted directly to the bus bar for interchangeable power supplies.


Size: 12” x 18” | Voltage: +5V, -5V | Current: 110A


Backplane Power Distribution

Sixteen layer laminated bus bar distributes +48V and Return across a back plane in a rack system for a network routing application. Heavy gauge clinch hardware and anti-rotation tabs accommodate cable connections. The entire assembly is hermetically sealed using epoxy edge fill.


Size: 1” x 18” | Voltage: 48VDC | Conductors: .032” | Current: 75A per layer


Telecommunications Board Level Power Distribution

When board space is at a premium, laminated bus bars provide the perfect space saving solution. The bus bar is designed to be soldered into a PCB, and includes an integrated compliant pin connector, which allows for interchangeability of either the power supply or PCB.


Size: 0.6” x 10” | Voltage: 60VDC | Conductors: .050” | Current: 80A


Internet Bus Bar System

U-shaped, with angled power input tabs, feeding around a rack mounted frame. The unit also has plated, soldered bushings for bullet-style circuit breakers.


Size: 5” x 9” x 17” | Voltage: 48V | Conductor thickness: .060” | Current: 400A


Circuit Breaker Bus Bar

This seven conductor, nickel-plated assembly receives filtered input power, routed through pluggable breakers, and directed to output terminals within a rack-mounted system. Such compact routing offers improved packaging and improved air flow – both key benefits of laminated bus bars.


Size: 3” x 6” | Voltage: 48VDC | Conductor thickness: .060” | Current: 75A


Telecom Power Distribution

Part of a rack mounted circuit breaker network, this three-conductor, single-layer laminated bus bar assembly is used to provide power connections to a group of circuit breakers. Power connections are made at each end, and three banks of Faston® tabs provide A, B, and Ground connections for twenty circuit breakers.


Size: 10” x 3” x 3″ | Voltage: 48VDC | Conductor thickness: .125” | Current: 480A


Filtered Power Input Bus Bar

A two-conductor bus bar routing filtered DC power through ring lugs and clinch hardware, terminating in multiple power connectors mounted in a 1U rack-mounted power drawer.


Size: 1.5” x 9” | Voltage: 48VDC | Conductor thickness: .050” | Current: 200A


Backplane Power Distribution

Sixteen layer laminated bus bar distributes +48V and Return across a back plane in a rack system for a network routing application. Heavy gauge clinch hardware and anti-rotation tabs accommodate cable connections. The entire assembly is hermetically sealed using epoxy edge fill.


Size: 1” x 18” | Voltage: 48VDC | Conductors: .032” | Current: 75A per layer


Internet Router Backplane Bus Bar

Three power supplies feed this DC bus bar assembly through a repeating series of blade style pluggable output “tabs” along its length. The long, narrow design makes short jump connections clean and easy for board mounted pluggable connectors. The manufacturer benefits from the efficient, low profile design, and clean distributed capacitance that are the natural results of laminated bus bars.


Size: 5” x 12” x 18″ | Voltage: +5V, -5V | Conductor thickness: .050” & .125″ | Current: 130A