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Spare Parts

Since fifty years, Mersen deliver the necessary spare parts to make the maintenance, the overhauls  based on the Maintenance manual and the repair actions for your products when necessary.

The right design for your application

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Spare parts - carbon white

Mersen Spares parts and Maintenance program

The use of Original Spares parts and the follow-up of Mersen periodical maintenance manual is a guarantee from the Original Equipment Manufacturer that your products will remain reliable, efficient and avoid downtime costs.
It is a security to use the right product designed to your application to reach the best performances for your equipment.


Training and assistance

Mersen Design team is available to support your design and maintenance team’s especially for the smart and connected functions.
Mersen Service team can train your Maintenance team to make the setting and the maintenance of your installations all around the world.



Mersen Spares parts - Long term supply

Mersen can propose for more than 15 years all the necessary spare parts to make your preventive and corrective maintenance. 
Based on the maintenance manual which indicates the maintenance periods, maintenance team’s can order the replacement kits to replace, maintain or repair the products.



Design Guide

Spare parts - wire white

Spare part kits

Mersen will supply you all Spare parts kits to guarantee the reliability and increase the life time of your current collector devices.
- cables,fuses,
- replacement shoes , brushes and arms,
- brushes,
- pole kits,
- hardware and all necessary components.



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