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Extensive Experience

With over sixty years of experience in designing laminated bus bars and complete in-house manufacturing capability, we have the flexibility and expertise to respond to our customers’ requirements. Our many years of industry experience and expertise include millions of man hours working to continuously perfect our products. We continue to strive to develop and deliver innovative power solutions for a variety of applications.

Simulation and Analysis

Each and every bus bar prototype can go under Temperature Rise Simulation and Current Flow Analysis testing. These simulations allow our engineers to design the most reliable and efficient bus bar layouts.


Value Add Solutions


Multilayer bus bars offer a structural integrity that wiring methods just can’t match. MERSEN’s Value Added bus bar designs incorporate a variety of components built right in. Each one is safety tested and certified, all designed to help simplify your life at the system assembly level.

Customized Electrical Protection Solutions for Power Electronics

Combine MERSEN square body semiconductor protection fuses with MERSEN’s Thermal protection and laminated bus bar offerings for an optimized solution to support your power electronics design whatever the semiconductor technology (Silicon, Silicon Carbide or Gallium Nitride). As a design partner with extensive application and product expertise, MERSEN is able to maximize system performance, lower total costs, and reduce time to market. Our dedicated power electronics team is available to customize a solution for you.