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Approvals & Standards

  • HP15FHM32: UL 4248-19, File# E347822; CSA 22.2, File# 032169; IEC 60269-2
  • USM15M1HEL: UL Recognized Component, evaluated to UL 4248-19, File# E493746; CSA 22.2, Component File# 265616

Key features & benefits

Mersen’s 1500VDC HelioProtection fuse holders for 10/14x85mm gPV fuses introduce the next level of safety for Utility scale photovoltaic applications. The HP15FHM32 fuse holders are also IP20 finger safe, with a rotating fuse carrier like the Mersen UltraSafe® fuse holders. The US15M1HEL fuse holders are finger safe up to an IP20 grade of protection, and feature a pull out, pivoting fuse carrier. All bodies feature high performance UL 94 V-0 rated polymer material, providing superior flammability rating, with exceptional durability and dielectric withstand properties.

The HP15FHM32 series input and output terminals accept standard PV rated wiring and comb bus bars, providing added versatility for end-use installations.The US15M1HEL is designed with terminals to accept standard stock bus bar eliminating the need for custom combed bus bar, saving cost, time and simplifying installation.

More specifications


  • All Utility scale photovoltaic applications
  • 1500VDC Combiner Boxes

Product Specifications

Item Number



Fuse Holder IEC+UL/CSA HelioProtection® Size 10x85 1500VDC IEC 1500VDC UL 1-Pole Box With LED DIN Rail mounting  

EAN/UPC code


Rated voltage DC UL

1500   V

Rated voltage DC IEC

1500   V

Rated current

32   A

ROHS Compliant


AC or DC


Fuse class


Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR)

50 DC   kA

Fuse size


Indication System


Indication System Type


Number of Poles


Torque Rating

2.486   N m

Installation Mounting

DIN Rail  

Product Weight

0.0816   kg

Product Width

22.1   mm

Product Length

135.9   mm

Product Height

67.1   mm

Sell Pack Quantity

12   EA

Sell Pack Weight

1.1793   kg

Sell Pack Width

101.6   mm

Sell Pack Length

254   mm

Sell Pack Height

76.2   mm